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Welcome to the People of Minas Tirith
Hail, Men of Gondor! Welcome to People of Minas Tirith. We are a heavy-roleplay, Minas Tirith-based, Gondor-only kinship aimed at bringing the many facets of Gondor's culture to life. Where Tolkien has not elaborated, we fill the gaps with details from his real-life influences—namely Byzantium—tempered by knowledge of Minas Tirith as it is in the books. We strive to paint Gondor as it could have been and to immerse our members into its bustling capital city.

Our ultimate aim is to play off of the culture of Gondor with characters whose development drives the roleplay of Minas Tirith with the collective effort of all our members, from the kinship leader to the newest recruit. We strive to create a dynamic setting including multiple concurrent story arcs featuring characters from all walks of life, developed by all members through both impromptu RP and organised official events. When joining the kinship, both members and officers are equally free to create their own events as long as there is support from both other members and our established lore for the event. These range in size from large public events open to all and advertised on the Laurelin Archives to smaller private events centered around a few characters by themselves. Events are often discussed between kinmembers and kinship associates in places such as our forums or our Discord server. (Do join us on Discord:

Though with each coming day the realm of Gondor wanes and the Dark Lord's forces grow in strength, the White City remains unblemished in the year T.A. 3013, its affairs largely those of its citizens rather than the fight against the Enemy. Despite the watchful eye of Minas Tirith's garrison, tension between the tiers leads to minor strife over class lines. Yet for the most part, the city continues as it always has. Farmers and other common men serve their masters; scholars study; soldiers drill; lords rule.

Children are born unto an uncertain future, lovers are married in a tenuous peace, and good men are buried before they are called.
Trying to Set up Your Character?
When you're trying to create your character, remember there are many options you can choose from. But the first step of course is naming your characters. The majority of characters in Gondor use Sindarin based names. Although Gondor does not speak the same dialect of Sindarin as Elves, for naming your character you can refer to realelvish as a naming guide or use the The Elf Name Generator.

Once your character is named, you can move on to the next step of building a character. In here, you need to decided a career pathway for your character. What do they do for money? Are they part of the army? Check our ranks page for ideas there or message Landrem or Eglanien for more information. If you wish to do non-military RP, then see our civilian page for more ideas, but remember to always find a way to give them reason to be around the Soldier's Tier of Minas Tirith. If you are interested in nobility RP, we do not necessarily encourage it for complications of nobles visiting lower tiers, but you can message Lheinel for suggestions as long as you are able to connect them to the garrison. Do be mindful of the age of your character in correlation to their vocation. Unlike many areas in Middle Earth, Gondorians have longer lifespans. Often, coming of age would be nearer to 20-25 years old. If your character has a higher status job, be mindful of how long it might be to make their career. Read the article on ages for more information. Also remember you are always more than encouraged to do your own research if you wish. Do not feel shy asking about people's opinions are particular career choices and open up your own debate.

Next is to work on backgrounds. Where is your character from? Well obviously we're from Gondor, but Gondor has many different regions. So which region is your's from? Many people in our kin are from Minas Tirith because of the setting we RP in. However, there are other regions such as Befalas and Lebennin you may see in RP. For more information on the provinces of Gondor, please look to bobmoco. Once you select the province your character is from, you can do more in depth research on the selected province. It isn't necessary to be an expert in your selected province, but do try to gather a basic grasp of cultural mindset and physical appearance of the region you select. Feel free to ask another member about what provinces you might wish to RP in.

The last thing that is highly recommended is to check out the timeline of Gondor. You can find a timeline of Gondor here and a timeline of ME here. For more resources, follow this link to our resource guide. Also feel free to check out our Research Notes thread for more in-depth discussions of lore topics.